This season we celebrate the arrival of summer with the kids of Galleria Opulenza.
The Milan based collective recreated on the screen the holiday of their dream where all that matter is playing at
GTA Vice City and drinking fruit juices with the feet plunged into a small inflatable pool.

The result is a collection of six pictures where the main characters are Volta's most summery shoes,
enlightened by warm hues on six different matching backgrounds filled up with dancing straws,
tropical vibes and glossy leaves which make them the ideal sceneries for this awaited sweaty vacation.

Drink up these summer tunes selected by Galleria Opulenza,
along with your tequila and lime.


Photos and artworks by
Galleria Opulenza

The blogs say that Galleria Opulenza is a crew of cool kids active in any kind of visual arts. Galleria Opulenza is a Milan-based creative collective composed by graphic designers, photographers, illustrators, tattooers and digital enthusiasts. Galleria Opulenza is founded chatting and smoking cigarettes on a sofa from South Milan in 2014.

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