Lightweight Winter
A comeback journey through
Norwegian landscapes.

Hjemkomst - Homecoming

Is a short story filmed by BOM - Billions of Millions, a duo created by Silvia,
an italian director, and Daniel, photographer/director from the Norwegian wild.
They are a bundle of ideas, a collection of creativity, with a pinch of madness and a true
passion for the authentic and different, perfectly in line with Volta Footwear’s aesthetic.
Hjemkomst - Homecoming, is about the feeling of coming back home after a journey,
a nostalgic trip through the north european landscapes which takes us closer
to the heart of our family and the cosy atmosphere of our home.
Here are some questions that we did to Silvia and Daniel.

Volta Footwear and BoM have in common the passion
for travels and wildlife, how do they infuence your work?

We could almost take it as far to say that there would be no BoM without travels. We both
come from small places but always have been looking outwards. This experiences are priceless
to us, they continuously challenge our percept ion of the world and how we relate to it. As
our tool is film and photography, we almost always use a camera to approach and deal with
those challenges. This also counts when it comes to the nature and the wilderness, that has
less to offer of social life but there is much more to silence than words can say.

The two words that best describes Volta Footwear
are Instant and Classic. What is for you an Instant Classic?
Is it a concept detectable in your work too?

The idea of what a classic can be has changed as we read the world and adapt faster to
changes. In one way it makes us more dependent than ever before on the classics, that which
is known and familiar to us, at the same time we are not willing to only live in the past, so we
use, edit and adapt it to our time. The same we try to do in our works, we often refer to
classics in film, literature and music but always look for ways to represent it that is in tune
with our time.

What does it mean for you coming back home?
And where do you really feel at home?

As we have been moving so much we have learned to deal with the idea
of what home is in a new way. Home is not necessarily connected to only one permanent
place, but it’s always changing. We have learned to make whatever place we are in to our
place even through small little things. It is beautiful in one way, as it really gives us the
possibility to experience the world but it's also a challenging way of life, so slowly we are
looking for a more permanent place to stay.

How was your trip with Volta Footwear?
And what’s the story behind this video?

Our first thought when we were asked to take Volta’s shoes out for a trip was to get out
of the city and into the wild. But instead of telling the story of a journey we decided to focus
on the feeling of going back home after a journey. It's a very specific and magical feeling,
you slowly get closer to what is familiar and dear, places, shapes, smells, sounds. This
feeling is somehow related with winter and especially with Christmas as Christmas is
always recognize as a moment to go back home and get closer to the familiar.
All this is hard to tell in less than a minute, but we hope that with the help of the sublime
landscapes of Norway it came out good enough.

Starting from the structure of the Lightweight, the winter model is realized
combining leather and quilted nylon. The mountaineering lace system gives
to the shoe a unique look perfect for your endless journey.



Video by
BoM - Billions of Millions

Music by
Dario Moroldo

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