Gumsole Gradient
Classic shape implemented
with actual lines.

Andriana Chunis was born in 1990 in Lviv, Ukraine. In 2012 she finished her master of Design
and she started working as a graphic designer and fashion illustrator, where she specialized in
fashion, beauty and female illustration. Adriana likes to watch people, how they look like, how they
move and walk. She likes to watch their details and characteristics.

After that first moment of observation, she starts to draw and makes some experiments
with lines, shapes and textures. She likes to work with ink, hand drawings
and, of course, with her Wacom tablet in Photoshop.
All this tools help her to find a better way to create fashion illustrations
as she feels, and as she sees.

Volta Footwear was born and keep on evolving starting from these
two words that define the brand's concept as well: Instant and Classic.
Do you have in the same way two adjectives that could
describe you (or your works)? Which ones?

I think the best way to describe what I am and what I do, could be summed up
with the words solid and flow. Solid because some elements of my work are static and massive,
attracting viewer’s attention. However, other parts are more dynamic and free,
so that the viewer’s eye moves smoothly, like flows.

Does the #InstantClassic concept live in your illustrations as well?
If so, in which way? Which shape or expressive style
is resulting from it?

It's a concept that does live in my works because I'm inspired by classical art masters
but at the same time I try to create instant and actual illustrations.
I guess that is actually from this way of conceiving my inspiration that I get the energy to improve,
trying to draw better and more accurately, and to experiment freely and in a more expressive ways.

Your illustrations have a rhythm: what were you listening to as you
were drawing? Can you tell us your #InstantClassic playlist?

These seasonal variance of our low shape are crafted with premium leather
and finished with rubber heel-to-toe-caps and ridged sole.



Andriana Chunis

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